Morgan Elliott

Morgan Elliott

“I am a story-teller. I feel privileged to exercise my natural curiosity about people, places and experiences in the work that I do. My role as a television producer is to drop into people’s lives, experience their realities, get to the heart of who they are and package it all in a story that is more theirs than mine.”

Morgan Elliott, Producer


Emmy-nominated producer Morgan Elliott is an adventurer and a story-teller. She has crafted an award-winning career from the most exotic and remote corners of the world through her production of documentaries and reality television.


A long-time producer for Mark Burnett, Ms. Elliott has covered the action on seven of the annual Eco-Challenge expedition races produced by Burnett. She is a specialist in adventure television who has shot in over 45 countries and launched and produced twelve television series. Her production company, Suddenly SeeMore…Productions Inc., produced the travel-adventure series Beyond Borders as well as Stratusphere (with Trish Stratus), No Opportunity Wasted (with Phil Keoghan), The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend for the CBC, and Howie Do it with Howie Mandel for NBC.


From the jungles of Borneo to the streets of Buenos Aires, Morgan and her crews have traveled extensively around the world. She is expert in her ability to marry action and adventure with the most intimate stories of the individuals experiencing it.

Carla Jones

Carla Jones

A logistics maven, Carla Jones has made the world her production office. Whether knee-deep in jungle muck or glacial moraine, she possesses the skill and innovative style needed to successfully execute the most complex international projects.


Ms. Jones has overseen multi-million dollar productions in the U.S., Borneo, New Zealand, Fiji and Canada. Pragmatic, resourceful, creative and experienced in all aspects of production, Ms. Jones is exceptionally adept at adapting.


Ms. Jones honed her skills in the field on projects such as Eco-Challenge (Mark Burnett Productions), No Opportunity Wasted (hosted by Phil Keoghan) and The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend. Prior to Eco-Challenge, she specialized in high-adventure, remote location work in Alaska.


From ocean kayaking in the China Sea to ice climbing in the Alaska Range; from jungle trekking across Viti Levu in the South Pacific to drifting in the mountains outside Kobe, Japan; from paragliding in the foothills of the Himalayas to marathon mountain biking in Whistler, B.C., Ms. Jones has applied her logistical know-how to the pursuit of great stories.

Steff Millman

Steff Millman

At the age of 5 when (after much pleading) Steff Millman’s parents put a TV in her room so she could watch Law & Order, they hoped she would grow up to be a lawyer or doctor (score!). But alas, it was production, not the subject matter that kept her glued to the screen into the wee hours of the night—and thus her love affair with television began.


Ms. Millman started her media career in radio where she worked in promotions for three years, writing copy and performing on-air cut-ins. She then moved into film and television where she worked as a Makeup Artist, but she quickly learned she preferred hauling garbage to touching people.


After working as a Production Assistant on various lifestyle television productions, Ms. Millman met Morgan Elliott, who shaped her into the producer she is today. Ms. Millman has been a Producer on several series including; Pawnathon Canada – seasons 1 and 2 (History Television), Scare Tactics – seasons 4 and 5 (Syfy & MTV), Howie Do It (NBC & Global), and No Opportunity Wasted Canada (CBC). Ms. Millman has also worked as a Development Producer for Suddenly SeeMore…Productions, Cineflix and 11 Television.


Ms. Millman always has TV on the brain and sees shows in everything. She loves taking the seed of an idea and turning it into reality (television!).