Project description


Pawnathon Canada

People from across Canada gather in Toronto with all kinds of items—from precious antiques to quirky memorabilia—to find out what their wares are worth. If they’re lucky, they’ll make a sale to one of our PAWN MASTERS.

There to meet the sellers are a team of expert APPRAISERS with keen eyes and loads of experience. Their job is simple: separate trash from cash. The trash is sent packing, but the good stuff is sent on to the Pawn Masters; five amazing expert collectors who are standing by with stacks of their own cash. If they see something they like – they will do whatever they can to buy it!

The most interesting items that walk through the door are given a PLATINUM TICKET by one of our Appraisers. This gives the seller an exclusive audience with all five Pawn Masters at once. If the item is to their liking, the Pawn Masters will fight each other in a bidding war and the spoils go to the highest bidder.