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The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend

Starring Trish Stratus, Dave Thomas, Joe Flaherty, Elvira Kurt and Mick Napier.

In the tradition of SCTV, THE SECOND CITY’S NEXT COMEDY LEGEND is no ordinary television show. The Second City judges and sketch comedy performers turn a satirical eye and direct a comical poke at every kind of talent search show, including themselves.

First-class sketch comedy, Canada’s hottest new comedians, ruthless competition and biting satire come together under one roof as comedic hopefuls from across the country battle it out on THE SECOND CITY’S NEXT COMEDY LEGEND.

While the competition is intense on stage, the contestants also have to deal with their fellow comedians in the lodging they share. Personality clashes, jostling for special rewards, back-stabbing and hidden agendas make the road to stardom rocky and hilarious. Watch hilarity that comes from challenging up-and-coming comedians not only to be funny, but to be funny on the spot!