Project description


Beyond Borders

Viewers will have a front-row seat to be an armchair adventurer in BEYOND BORDERS. From the comfort of their own home, viewers can join Chris Jackson and co-host, Scott Sheehan as they explore the world in search of different cultures, fun and adventure.

For thirteen episodes, Chris and Scott alternate as hosts to take you on a series of remarkable journeys. Wherever the location, whatever they’re doing, BEYOND BORDERS will be there and the camera will be rolling. Come along for the ride—Chris and Scott are your travelling pals and they’re up for anything!

In each episode Chris and Scott have discovered insights into the culture of the countries that they have visited and at the same time, have participated in a unique adventure—all in a half hour.

Each episode takes the viewer on the trip of a lifetime as they share Chris and Scott’s adventures from around the world. Come see the world through their eyes.